Our Ministry during this 23 years
When I graduated from the Parana Baptist Bible Institute
(Seminário Batista Regular do Sul) in 1987

I began to pastor a small Regular Baptist Church in S.J. dos Pinhais (PR), while I planned to work among the unreached people.

The term Unreached-People defines
a group of individuals in which there is no native community of believers (Christians) capable to evangelize themselves.
Many of these groups don't have knowledge of who God is.
They never heard someone speak about His Son, Jesus Christ and
they totally ignore the need of salvation
The list of unreached people is immense,
and growing in all the continents, great metropolises, villages and tribes.
We need to pray and reach these people,
because it was Jesus' commandment:
"Go then, and make disciples of all the nations".
After attending a Missionary Conference in São Paulo with pr. John White Jr. who alerted us about the need of our churches to grow and send missionaries, I understood that God wanted me to stay there in Curitiba, PR.
The First Regular Baptist Church of Curitiba invited me to be their pastor and I was challenged to lift the vision of that church for the missionary work.
Thank God, when we left, four and a half years later, the church continued to grow, due to the work of two pastors that came after me. This church is involved in the work on several missionary fields today and is our main ministry supporter.
God continued with his plan and called us to the state of Acre. We had a very good experience there in the Emmanuel Regular Baptist Church, in Rio Branco, but just for one and a half year. In fact, it was a transition experience in our ministry. As fruit of that work, we saw two congregations develop and now they are being pastored by students from the same seminary where I studied (SBRS). When I left that church, the co-pastor assumed the leadership.
Then, I had the privilege of pastoring the church where I was born again and from where I left to study in the Bible School. The First Regular Baptist Church of Caçapava, SP. We were there for six years and I had excellent experiences of what the pastoral ministry is as well as hard experiences, too.
When I left the leadership of that church I had great expectations to enter the mission field. Then I received the invitation to assume the work that had been initiated by the missionaries who were my pastors:
Pr. George M. Moore was in Mauá da Serra only nine months. He began the foundation of the temple and God took him home. Then Pr. Erwin Evans came and concluded the construction but soon he retired and went to the USA.
When we received that invitation, my wife and I didn't have doubts that it was an answer to prayer. Therefore we were asked to transfer our membership to Marilândia do Sul, PR, and they sent us to:

The Regular Baptist Church of Mauá da Serra
, PR.
Where we were for 7 years

At the same time...
India is a country that needs urgently to hear the Gospel.
It's very populous and has an impressive low index of Christians.
The reason for this site is to encourage more Christians to …
Jesus asks us to pray for more workers
"... The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest." - Luke 10:2
"I {being} in the way, the LORD led me"
Gen. 24:27.
While we were in Mauá da Serra working for the development of this work,
we were also raising our eyes for the harvest that is great.
We have submited our lives to go where God has commanded us.
If God uses me to get up more workers for his harvest, or if He uses me to aid the workers that go then I will be a blessed man.
Now, we returned to the First Regular Baptist Church of Curitiba.
This church is ready to send us if it is God's will. We have already our visas to our survey trip.

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