Dear brothers,

"...but as his part is that goeth down to the battle, so shall his part be that tarrieth by the stuff: they shall part alike". I Samuel 30:24

Two hundred men of David were too tired to march and fight with the Amalekites. So they left behind to watch the supplies and take care of baggage. When David returned from battle, made no distinction between them and their fighters, saying: "...they shall part alike."

Thank God for many opportunities of service He has given to us.


In January I had the opportunity to do the Advanced Course for Leadership in Haggai Institute in Singapore (country in Asia, between Malaysia and Indonesia). This Institute is a mission of global evangelism that aims to equip Christian leaders in Asia, Africa and Latin America, so that they more effectively evangelize their own people and train others to do the same.

We were 33 students representing 20 countries. I could know many brothers from Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim countries.

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The obedience of the "Go to all ethnic groups" (Mt 28:19) requires the trans-cultural missionary work and the Lord has directed me to move in this direction. I have prayed daily for several years about the un-reached people, and in recent years I feel I must do something about it.
My wish is that our Regular Baptist Church in Brazil focus its efforts to assist in the training of those brothers who are near of the unreached people, so that with our help they can more easily reach their own people within their culture, diversity of language and social situation.
In Asia, especially in India, there are a lot of brothers who need our support in prayer, the encouragement of a personal visit, and financial assistance to facilitate the work they are already doing. Many of these brothers are risking their lives to reach these people who never heard of Christ and are ignorant of the need for salvation.
In the providence of God we are planning to visit India in November and get specific information about how to get involved directly to help Indian evangelists who defend our same doctrines.
Then we plan to return to India to work in a seminary and help to establish a link between our Regular Baptist Church in Brazil and our Indian brothers evangelists.
We're currently visiting the churches that support our ministry to clarify the project and thank the trust they placed in us. At the same time we are available to churches to talk about missions to unreached people.
Thank you for your prayers,
In Jesus' love
Pr Jefferson and Epi

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