Vision.2020.India - Curitiba, April 2nd, 2010
Dear partners in prayer and support of the unreached in IndiaAdicionar imagem
God always answers our prayers. Sometimes saying yes, sometimes saying no, and sometimes saying Wait. But sometimes He answers immediately so that takes us by surprise. Dr. Jim Starr,the missionary with whom I traveled in India, came to visit us and to participate in the Congress of 10 years of MBBF. It was a lightning response of prayer.

He could talk to the students of our seminary (SBRS), presenting the ministry of Visão2020Asia, Where he is the founder and coordinator, and challenge them about the 10/40 Window where is 2 / 3 of the world population and where most of the people group of the world never even heard of Christ. Pastor Jim preached at our church on Saturday, the First Regular Baptist Church of Curitiba, where 10 people made a decision to consecrate themselves to the Lord, Including two of our children. On Sunday he spoke at Calvary Baptist Church and once again in our church.

The First Congress of MBBF began on Tuesday in a Christian resort about 60 km from Curitiba. The food, facilities, fellowship and music were wonderful. Congratulations to Pastor Paul and his team. Everything was very organized.

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It was very nice to hear the missionaries who served in our country by sharing their experiences: Dr. Bill Smallman, Vice President and Director of Global Training Mission of Baptist Mid-Missions preached each night, Pastor Robert Thompson spoke about the promise of faith. Currently he is working with Bibles International. Epi and I had the privilege of knowing his work in India, in the state of Assam. Pastor V.W. Peters, Field Administrator for Latin America and the Caribbean BMM spoke about the importance of mission agencies and encouraged us talking about the beginning of BMM, now with many missionaries around the world. Pastor Tomé, from Campinas, SP spoke about a method they are using in their region and challenged us to adapt their program uniting the local churches to work in partnership. And Pastor Sergio of IB Esperança, São Paulo, talked about the importance of the local church in missionary work.

The conference had an international tone, for our missionaries came from Mozambique, Africa, one pastor from Venezuela, another from British Guiana, three from Dominican Republic and Pastor Jim representing India. By God's grace almost every MBBF missionaries were also present, in addition to counselors and pastors from several states.
In fact it was very exciting to see the fruit of the vision and efforts of many brothers, missionaries and pastors, Americans and Brazilians taking our churches to another level. Thank God and the work of men like Pastor Paul and MBBF's advisors who are doing what is in fact MISSIONS: Taking the Gospel beyond the borders of our churches to a people who are unable or unwilling to do for themselves. What a blessing to be part of this mission and of this movement!

It was a great pleasure to have pr Jim Starr staying in our home, and rely on his patience to hear us speaking in English, including our children. After having traveled with him in India for more than 6 weeks, visiting various churches and seminars from October to December last year was very pleasant to be with him these two weeks.
I also could give a little report of our trip to India, both in Congress as in the churches we visited in Sao Paulo. We visited 3 of the 12 churches that Pastor Marvim Fray planted in Brazil: Esperança Baptist Church, with Pastor Sergio Moura, Esperança Baptist Church in Tatuape with Pastor Alceu Ferreira, and IBR in Rio Bonito, where Pr.Dorivaldo is for more than 30 years. On Monday and Tuesday we were in Two seminaries: SEBARSP and Esperança. It was a great opportunity to share our vision to members of churches, pastors and future leaders of our churches.


We intend to return to India next year to work in the Mission Center of Siliguri, just after raising our support. Our aim is to be a link between Brazilian Baptist churches and Indian national church planters so that they can do what they are doing faster and easier. We want to raise an additional support to help some of these church planters including assistance to orphanages which is a good strategy for evangelism.

I started making my visits to churches in northern Paraná. Now I hope to share this vision to the largest amount of our churches as possible.

Epi is working as a nurse at the Hospital in Curitiba during this period we are raising our support because our children are still studying and depending on us financially. In addition, she is getting more experience tha will be very useful in India.

Please continue to pray for our ministry VISÃO.2020.INDIA -

... "Now I beseech you, brethren, for the Lord Jesus Christ's sake,
and for the love of the Spirit,
that ye strive together with me in your prayers to God for me;...
that my service ... may be accepted of the saints"
Romans 15:31

In Jesus' love,

Pr Jefferson Quevedo & Irmgard Meyer Soares
Members of the First Regular Baptist Church of Curitiba

Fundamentalist Brazilian Baptist Mission - MBBF
R. Aluisio de Azevedo, 604 -Pinhais - PR - Brazil - 83321,270

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