"Where there is no vision, the people perish"
Prov 29:18

A joint effort of Baptist churches that are fundamented in the Word of God to reach all regions of India with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Indian national missionaries.


See millions of people in India glorifying the true God as they submit themselves to Jesus Christ by participating in local churches and being trained by them to bring the Gospel to many others.

* In India is located the largest number of unreached peoples group.


To glorify God by serving the Indian workers, acting as a bridge between them and the churches in Brazil, so that they can reach more effectively the groups not yet reached by the Gospel in India.


The Lord has clearly led us to use a more effective approach within the current circumstances: to help Indian workers to reach their own people and fulfill the Great Commission as commanded in Matthew 28:19-20. 
  • Using legitimate means to make the Gospel message available to all people groups in every part of India and its neighboring countries.
  • Communicating and cooperating with other like-minded missions and ministries which are fundamented in the Bible to create a strategic effort for evangelism, discipleship and church planting..
  • Providing multiple opportunities to educate national pastors and missionaries in sound doctrine.
  • Sharing this missionary vision to national leadership through the establishment of local churches — self-governing, self-propagating, and self-supporting.
  • Assisting the Indian national leaders to teach and motivate their own people to give generously to support their own local ministries as well as to give to cross-cultural missionary work.


"A vision without action is merely a dream. 

An action without vision is just passing the time. 

vision with action can change the world"

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