Dear brothers,  
We want to thank each of you and every church that has sent us offerings throughout this year and also for your dedication to pray for us and for our dear indian brothers.

In the last two months here in Brazil we traveled a lot (Paraná, Minas Gerais, Bahia and Sao Paulo), visiting many churches. We are very grateful to God for each one of the brothers who welcomed us into their homes and churches with much love.

We want to continue asking for your prayers for our children and for us who are in this month, giving input to the documentation for the application for our visas to return to India in January. Once we receive the visa we need to buy our tickets and for this we also your prayers. We still need extra help for our tickets but we trust that everything will be supplied in due time according to the will of God because "Thus far the LORD has helped us" (EBENEZER!!!).


We thank God for the supply of our needs until now and also for the positive response of some brothers and churches helping support some Indian missionaries.

While we are here in Brazil we have received reports from India that the Lord's work there has been very blessed.

Pr. Athem, Mountainview Biblical Baptist Church - Siliguri
By the grace of God the church is growing and seven new believers were baptised during the year and
the attendance had an average of 50. It was held a youth camp during the autumn break  and there were several decisions. We ask your prayerfor the special Christmas program where Pr. Athem hopes to present the Gospel to at least 15 Hindu families.                         

Pr. VISHAL, evangelistic conference - On Dec 15 will be holding a Gospel Night in Sitong village, where every Saturday he and his team have been working with children for several months. So pray for him and the whole team for preaching in that place where there is no Christian church. It will be a kind of Christmas celebration where there will be carols to sing Christmas hymns, skits, testimonies, distribution of Gospel tracts, and he will preach and show an evangelistic movie. Finally they will offer a dinner to the residents of that village. He is still collecting funds for this event but he  is confident that the Lord will provide everything.
 Pr. Bimal, DEAF MINISTRY - He hopes to reach 100 deaf to the Special Christmas Program for the Deaf  on January 16. Pr. David Bennett who was a missionary in Brazil with Deaf Ministry  has given training in India and Pr. Bimal has specialized in evangelism for the deaf. Additionally, Pastor Bimal is also ahead of Sunday worship services only for Nepali language in our church in Siliguri.
Pr.  JIM STARR, Church Planters Meeting and Conferences - Once he arrived in Siliguri coming from South Korea and Thailand Pr. Jim began the journey of 5 hours Jeep to the mountains region of Sikkim where he participated in an association of Baptist churches in that place and  met some of the church planters with whom we are privileged to be working. Throughout the conferences that brother James Starr held at various places in India this year, hundreds of people made decisions for Christ. There was also the case with Samuel, the Seminary student who was finishing his master's degree in theology and fell from a height  nearly 6 feet and died. Over 2000 people came to his funeral and there were approximately 200 decisions for Christ in that service. About 50 young people committed their lives to missionary work.

Thanks for those blessed fruits ... rejoice with us.
We wish all our dear brothers and friends, a good time of Christmas worship and fellowship with our great God and Savior Jesus Christ  with your families in homes and in the Church.

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