Having completed six years of Bible academic study during which he received the B.Th and M.Div.

They care for dozens of abandoned and needy children in NE India. They have recently begun construction of a new orphan compound with living quarters, kitchen and dining area, school rooms and chapel. They are making a huge difference in the lives of these children. 

Can you help? Monthly support is just $30.

After completing his studies (six years of Bible academic study during which he received the B.Th and M.Div.), Athing left his home in Manipur and went to work with his elder brother, the late Leishiyo Shimray, to reach the lost souls in Assam. Asian Ministries of North East India was established in the year 2002. It is an independent Baptist faith ministry operating near Guwahati, Assam, India. Asian Ministries was recognized and registered by the Assam Government in the year 2006.

Asian Ministries represents 22 local’s churches and over 1000 Christian believers in North East India. Even though many people speak English, how can they hear without preachers?

In Assam alone there are 26,000 villages. Many villages still have not any witness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. All over North East India there are 10 thousand villages and towns. Are you ready to evangelize?

In North East India the field is huge and diverse. There are extremely poor rural villages as well as towns with thousands of people and no gospel witness. 

The Indian culture does not allow for men to evangelize women, women are not allowed to evangelize men. You must teach and train the young men and women in North East India in order to fulfill Christ’s commandment to “Go and preach the gospel to every creature.”

Why we established a Christian English School?

The North East Indian people through their children can evangelize the unreached people. Indian parents place a high premium on quality education for their children. We can reach many unreached through a Christian English school.  Many children are fatherless and hungry for food and love. Thousands of children have lost their hope and have no proper home. If God has blessed you, let them have hope and blessing through you. For the orphan is really a need you can’t ignore.

In January 2007 Leishiyo (Late Athing`s brother) established a Christian school called Asian Academy in order to teach and train the children and youth. At present there are15 teaching staffs and 150 students enrolled. God has greatly blessed the Christian school enabling them to train up many children and youths. In addition, they have put up a few orphans in the school hostel called Asian Orphanage Charity Home. At present, they have 11 fatherless children with them.

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