James & Dali Varghese

James Varghese is the Director for Vision2020's Truth and Freedom Postal Bible Course, a mail study course written by Dr. Eugene Gurganus and translated into many Asian languages by IGM and Vision2020 National Church Planters. Pastor Varghese also sets up Bible studies and home church groups for students of the course who desire more information. The ministry is in need of a permanant building for the T&F Headquarters.

"Our dear friends,

You can learn more about God. You can learn some of the most important basic truths from the Bible,God's Holy Word.You can learn more about yourself and the freedom God wants to give you in Christ.

The Truth and freedom School consists of 25 lessons you can study and complete at home. Each lesson will bring you closer to God as you learn about Him and His will for your life.

Upon completion ,each lesson will be read and evaluated by some one who cares about you and your desire to know God. When you finish this course of study ,you will graduate with a certificate of completion and will be allowed to participate in a special graduation ceremony.

Dr. Gene Gurganus, a retired missionary to Bangladesh, is the author of the T &F course of study.The course is now available in English, Malayalam,Telugu,Tamil, Nepalese and Burmese. Please contact us at truthandfreedomasia@gmail.com.Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Truth and Freedom School,PB No-3512, Sreekariyam PO,Trivandrum-695017, Trivandrum, Kerala.

Our Television ministry is solely to spread the pure gospel of Jesus Christ and to promote the ministry of Truth and Freedom Bible Course. Now we have Television ministry in English and Telugu at RakshanaTV, AP in English and Telugu . Dear friends now you can enroll as a student in the Truth and Freedom Bible Correspondence School. Please contact us at truthandfreedomasia@gmail.com

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