Pr. Bimal Gurung

 Pr. Bimal and Malah are missionaries from Sikkim working in Siliguri. Besides helping Pastor Athem in all work of Vision2020Asia Pr. Bimal is developing a ministry with the deaf people

These precious souls are also lost without the knowledge of our Savior Jesus Christ. There are many of them in Siliguri and Pr. Bimal with his wife have struggled to reach them.

In 2009-10 they had a course with Pastor David Bennett, who developed a ministry with the deaf in Brazil. In West Bengal the population of the Nepali people is very expressive. For this reason Pastor Bimal also started services to those who only speak Nepali.


JUNHO 2018 Dear Friends and Prayer Partners, 

Greetings in the priceless name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. How are you all? I hope everything is going well. And here by the grace of God and through your prayer we are fine and busy in his ministry.

Thank you so much for helping us through your prayer and support. Here is our ministry updates,

Baptist School of Evangelism
Just now I have finished 2 months teaching in Baptist School of Evangelism. Seven of them were graduated, and one was from our church. New children are attending the Sunday school. Our tailoring project also going well. Because of this tailoring project we are able to reach them.

God has blessed us with a van to pick up and drop them in time and they don’t need to face the problem in roadside. Being deaf it was hard for them to walk in the Indian road with the cows and stray dogs and the rough traffic.  Taxis and buses don’t want to give the lift being deaf. We were praying for the van for them and God used the Chartier family (Retd. US army) from New York and we were able to buy a used van. The deaf people are attending the Church every Sunday, we send our van to bring them to church in the morning.

We have a new deaf lady called Pinky she is from Christian family but not yet saved in the Lord and Me and Mala is sharing the gospel to her. Before her parents never allow her to go out of their house but now she attends the Church and tailoring class by herself through rickshaw.

Mr. Raju & Jalpana (Standing row 1st & 2nd),
Pinky & Shradha (Sitting 1st & 3rd )
from left to right.
Shradha is another deaf lady who is ready for baptism, please pray for their spiritual growth. Mr. Babu Saha(standing at right side) is a deaf man who wants to learn many things from the word of God and he stays 25km far away from the church. He is also ready for baptism. So please pray for all of them. Pray for Jalapana and her husband Mr. Raju. This is the deaf couple we are reaching out and Jalpana is very ready to accept Christ and she don’t follow any of her religion but her husband is little hard. 
For this deaf people we want to start a short term bible course to nurture them and to make them Timothy and use them in their own deaf society with their own language.
Babu Saha at the right side

We need lots of prayer to do this. Thank you for praying for my family and Praise the Lord! My elder daughter Jaireen passed her Class 10 and now she has to get the admission in new high school. Here in (Siliguri) India education is very expensive and we are having very tough time to get the admission because of finance. We are praying to God for everything.

Thank you once again for helping us and praying for us. Because of your prayer and support we are in His ministry. We appreciate your prayers.

In His Service
Bimal & Mala 

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