Pr. Vishal Shally

Pr. Vishal and Emly started the Biblical Baptist Church in Namchi, Sikkim in 2009 on the land that belongs to his family. By faith they began to build the temple and slowly, with great financial sacrifice are seeing progress. At the same place they are running a school for children.

God is opening a door for them to enter in another village where many people can hear the Gospel. Pr. Vishal`s vision is planting a church in that place where there is not one single church, but where there are some believers who walk several miles to go to worship.

We would like to raise US$ 150.00 monthly for their support. Would you help us?



Ministry with children in Sitong
Another village where Pastor Vishal is starting another church with the help of Shreekamal
(graduated student in our Baptist School of Evangelism)


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