Dear Brothers,

We've just arrived back from traveling by the state of Manipur on the border with Burma (Myanmar). (See the movie on YOUTUBE). It is a place somewhat complicated due to ethnic conflicts and they had just done a strike there. So we went by plane, although normally the prices of air travel here are even more expensive than in Brazil.
We were there with two missionaries that we are helping: Pr Kailinang (Darjeeling) and Pr Kahaolung (Siliguri). It was very nice to spend more time with them and see how the Lord is using these brothers.

We went to a Bible Youth Camp and VBS for children. We had about 200 young people and children. The place was a remote village that took four hours just climbing mountains. There was not eletric power (only diesel generator), nor running water, nor telephone, no internet 3G. Only with mobile phone we could speak with difficulty.

God gave us a wonderful week in both beauty as well as a cool climate because in Siliguri the weather was very hot! The most important was that more than 60 youth and junior accepted Christ as their personal Savior and some consecrated themselves to the Lord! It was a great blessing indeed!

On the way we had to stay in Guwahati (Assam) because our plane would leave only in the other day. So we took the opportunity to visit another missionary there, Pastor Athing Shimray, who has a school for over 100 pupils, mostly Hindus. He also cares for 37 orphans and moreover, all staff working in the school depends on him.

They had many problems with flooding and winds that have destroyed everything twice because their facilities were entirely of bamboo. But a year ago, "by chance" an American brother, ordinary member of a church in the USA, went to visit him as he was passing through there, and got to sleep with them. That night they had a big storm. In the following day this brother asked: "Why don't you build things here with bricks?" The answer was that they didn't own the land and had no money for that.
So he bought a good land and gave the material to build facilities with bricks! Now, everything is still packed dirt, some classes are still half done with bricks and half with bamboo, but it is much better than it was before and they are in their own land now.

The day we got there, Pastor Athing shared that they had no money to buy food (which, for the most part, it's just rice and some vegetables and chilli, of course). But they prayed and God sent the Army captain who stay nearby, and he came to ask if the Hindus had disturbed them. Because they have suffered some persecution from Hindu radicals in that region. The captain then asked him to send the boys in the barracks that they would make a donation of rice for two weeks! Isn't it wonderful?

And as we had taken an offering to them they were very happy! They told us "_we consume about 150 kg of rice per week". Not kiding. Because they eat rice three times a day much more than we Brazilians do. You have no idea.

So it was providential that we passed there because we did not know their real situation and their support still is very precarious despite of all the help that the dear American brother has already given to them (Here is anothe movie on YOUTUBE).

Thanks again for your continuos prayers on our behalf, for the missionaries here and for our children in Brazil, because we miss them a lot.

In Jesus' love,

Your servants in favor of the Unreached-people.

Pr Jefferson and Epi

First Regular Baptist Church of Curitiba - Brazil

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