Pr. Amiya , Pr. Ramel e Pr. Nabim
– Working with 4 congregations near Bagdogra, Siliguri. Pray for wisdom, spiritual strength, health and financial conditions, so that they can carry out evangelistic work well.

Pr. Athem, Pr. Bimal e Pr. Kahaolung
– Working with 3 congregations in Debidanga, Siliguri. They have a congregation for the deaf, other with English service and another in Nepali. Pray for the Himalayan Baptist Seminary which is receiving a great help of an American couple who will be living there.

Pr. Suman, Pr. Tantuibou e Pr. Binod
– Working with 3 congregations in Sonada, Darjeeling. Mountainous and very cold region. Many Buddhists. Pray for the salvation of souls and freedom for them to continue preaching the Gospel.

Pr. Rohit, Pr. Benjamin e Pr. Sagar 
– Working with a church and a congregation in 2 cities of Sikkim. Pr. Rohit also runs a school and an orphanage. Pray for these new churches to participate with the support of their pastors and missionaries. Pr. Sagar is working in Nepal.

Pr. Kailinang e Pr. Ishwar 
– Working with 2 congregations in Nepal. Pray that these Indian missionaries will inspire many others to go to neighboring countries as well: Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Miammar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and others.

Athing e Pr. Lima Jamir
– Working with many congregations, schools and orphanages. Pray for the many workers they have trained in the states of Assam, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh (border with China). Pray for the churches that they have challenged to participate in the support of the Indian missionaries.


With the offerings coming from Brazil we have participated with the support of 2 orphanages, 10 couples of missionaries and 3 seminarists students (Bachelor in Teology, Master's and Doctorate). We can do so much more. Would you like to participate?

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